We offer a variety of different services in the event support category.  If you are not local we have coordinators on site that can assist you with delivery schedules and set-up, from basic to fully involved service packages are available.  These services are not required services, but can be very affordable compared to travel and management from someone unfamiliar with the farm.    Please request more information on your event tour or call 910.805.FARM (3276)





Development Services


In addition to our Event Space we also offer a variety of different services to accompany your event on the Farm.  Please call for more details about any specific service.  (910) 805-FARM (3276)

As business and advertising has progressed over the last twenty years, the best way to spend your advertising dollars has also changed.  In many cases when you do not understand something it is easy to be overcharged or sold on marketing plans that are designed it seems to make everyone else involved in the process money, but in the end generates very little return for your money.

We offer web-site development, branding, and marketing services for Agri-tourism Farms as well as small businesses, and local service companies.  We have developed ways to promote small businesses for different size budgets.  On-line presence is a  must in today's world, we help to give you the tools that you need, as well as different user options for updating and managing the information yourself, so you can keep the costs low.  We also offer management services for those who prefer to concentrate on the other parts of the business.

Call us today, consultations are free.  No commitment of services are required.

Custom Services


Consulting Services

There are many different versions of the Agri-tourism farm.  It is not easy to enter the market and know how to overcome many of the trials and tribulations of managing a full-time business on a seasonal income.  We offer consulting services for Agri-tourism Farms or working farms interested in introducing an Agri-tourism implement.  These consulting services range from brain storming sessions to full involvement.