Today the farm has become a tradition for many families, and each year that goes by we aim to welcome even more to participate!

The farm has become something I never could have envisioned in the beginning.  We are very excited to have everyone share in the experience.  Once you have visited you will feel the welcoming sensation from the historical property. 

As it continues to grow we will try to continue to provide you with a unique experience and the perfect location for your new family traditions!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our farm.  We look forward to meeting you, and welcome you to come and tour our facility.  It would be our pleasure to assist you in making your next event something to remember!


                                                                          Justin Hamilton

About Us

A Moment with the Founder -

New Children's Book Series!

​We are happy to announce the release of the new Children's Book Series.  We helped collaborate, and the illustrations are based on our Agritourism Farm!  There are two versions; one is fully painted by the illustrator, and the second is a coloring book version!  MaryJanesAdventures.com

Corn Maze in Wallace

Haunted House in Wallace

​Corn Maze in Wallace NC

Our story......

In 2005 I was redeveloping historical properties in Wilmington NC, and  I began my search for a historical farm house and land.  My father had moved us from the city to a 50 acre farm when I was young and the 5 years we spent there was some of the best memories I had as a child.  I wanted my two sons to have the same opportunity to experience life on a farm.

After looking at many different properties in all different stages of disrepair; I had just about give up hope.  One day I had a few hours in the middle of the day and decided to drive out and look at a couple properties within a short distance of town.

Frustrated I thought I had missed the house, then I looked up and through a jungle of bushes and vines I saw the multiple brick chimneys and the huge old farm house.  I knew as I pressed the brake pedal, I had just "bought the farm". 

After five years of restoration and redevelopment the property had begun to turn the corner.  The real estate market had crashed, and I was left with a huge farm on its way to being something unique.  The kids had grown up at the farm, there were many weekends spent "helping" while watching dad work on the farm.  I was watching them on one of these particular days, as I watched them play I had the thought; it was a pity other kids didn't have the same opportunity. 

At that moment the idea was born to open the farm for others to enjoy. 

Being known as the local haunted house, because it had been abandoned for 23 years, and the local teenagers use to sneak in and see who could stay the longest!  (I don't blame them - it was pretty creepy in the beginning!)  It made sense to open in the Fall 2010 as a haunted attraction and fall festival!  Thanks to all of you who attended it was a success!  We began the process of intertwining a business while keeping the farm quaint and unique.